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In a time of advertisements featuring catchy taglines and flashy locales, finding a treatment program that’s actually going to be effective for our unique situation and lifestyle can be difficult.

So, what matters to us? Our health? Kids? Marriage? Career? Home? Maybe even our appearance? As women, we balance a lot of important responsibilities. It’s tough to keep it all together as it is, but when we’re battling an addiction, it can simply just become too much. At Shorewood House, recovery programs are designed with these concerns in mind – the things that matter most to you.

Shorewood House is the only private-pay residential drug and alcohol treatment program in the Milwaukee area designed exclusively for women. Why do we only offer treatment to women? Because decades of research tells us that women experience better results in treatment when we’re surrounded by a coalition of women working toward the same goal: wellness.

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment works to address the root causes of each woman’s addiction while offering resources for real recovery designed for your real life. Our program cultivates the healing and a long-lasting health that you deserve.

From the day you begin your journey at Shorewood House, we’ll empower you to start building on your strengths to help overcome the root cause(s) of your addiction. We’ll help you identify coping skills that resonate with you and that will continue to help you long after you complete treatment.

In more than 50 years of helping women get well, our program outcomes show consistently high rates of success. In fact, our most recent data shows that 71 percent of clients successfully completed residential treatment on our main campus and 84 percent of women who participated in that residential treatment program remained sober and/or drug-free six months after admission.

While our mission at Shorewood House builds on Meta House’s (our parent organization) long history of expertise in the addiction treatment field, our emphasis is a little different. With room for just eight women at a time, our team focuses on personalized treatment, meeting your specific and unique needs and motivating you to set realistic but meaningful goals. Our beautifully-renovated residence offers a peaceful, welcoming environment to begin your recovery process. Our small group setting offers every woman warmth, support and a sense of belonging.

Recovery is possible — and you’re worth it. When you’re ready to get well, start here; our team is ready to help.