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When it comes to seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, a growing body of research shows that women are less likely than men to reach out for help.

In truth, many women today are pulling double duty, working full-time jobs while trying to keep up with a demanding schedule of parenting duties every day. We sometimes find relief from the constant stress in a glass of wine or prescription pills, which all-too-suddenly can derail daily routines and jeopardize the life we’ve worked so hard to attain.

When we slip into addiction, we’re less likely to seek help because we worry about the people who depend on us. We have too much to lose — our home, our job and our child(ren).

The reality is addiction can happen to anyone, and the first step to recovery is asking for help. Admitting we’re struggling with drugs or alcohol is difficult enough without the financial strain and added stress of travel associated with an out-of-state treatment facility. At Shorewood House, we offer effective, evidence-based treatment at about half the cost of traditional private-pay inpatient treatment facilities.

By entering a treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction close to home, treatment can begin right away. And family and friends can be an active part of the recovery process — a fundamental element for long-term success.

Additionally, as women work through the first stages of recovery, it’s important to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Our beautifully renovated residence, located in a quiet neighborhood in the village of Shorewood, offers a welcoming, close-knit environment to begin your journey.

We recognize that a residential program may just be the first step to healthy recovery and that you may benefit from continued treatment when you are ready to leave Shorewood House. In those instances, we can put you in touch with licensed professionals and after-care programs to ensure you have a smooth transition and continued progress in achieving the life you desire, addiction-free.

We understand that it takes courage to come forward and seek help. If you are struggling with addiction, there is hope — and it’s in your own backyard. Our compassionate and experienced team of therapists is ready to help you find the path to lifelong recovery.