What to Expect

While recovery is never easy, it is possible. At Shorewood House, you should expect a client-centered approach. We’ll never lecture you on what your goals should be. Instead, we will collaborate with you to determine what you want to accomplish and, together, we will build a plan to help you accomplish those goals. For almost all clients, that plan will include individual therapy once or more a week and a mix of group therapies.

You should expect a set of rules and guidelines designed to help you and to help the whole house function well.

Finally, you should expect that this will be hard work – you may experience emotions you’ve held at bay for a long time. But you should also expect that you won’t be alone in this.

Our weekly program schedule includes individual therapy, group therapy, an experiential therapy (like art therapy, or yoga, or something else designed to meet your needs) along with some quiet reflection or meditation time built in to help you process everything you’re experiencing.