Wonder about the admissions process and getting started at Shorewood House?

Begin here:

  1. First, contact us! We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with detailed information.
  2. We’ll put you in touch with an admissions counselor who will assess your needs and help determine whether Shorewood House is right for you.
  3. If we mutually determine that Shorewood House is a good fit for you, we will call you back to finalize payment arrangements and set an admission date. *Please note: If you need detoxification services prior to admission, we will help coordinate with the appropriate facility and make arrangements for you to enter Shorewood House immediately thereafter.
  4. When you arrive at Shorewood House, you’ll start by meeting with your counselor who will help orient you to the program.
  5. Get started! Recovery begins now.

Let us work with your insurance company

In order for us to begin working with your insurance company to determine if (and how much) of your stay at Shorewood House is covered by insurance, you’ll need to sign a release of information.

Get started by filling out this form: Shorewood House Insurance Consent Form